\"Buyers, Get an Edge During the Busy Spring Season\"

I recently read a great article by Michele Dawson that really hammers this point home. The Spring and Summer seasons are the busiest times amongst the Real Estate market as a whole. Not only are more homes on the Market, but there is an increase in buyers as well. By using Curtis Johnson Realty, potential buyers get a jump-start ahead all of the others. Some of the successful strategies used help a Buyer come into the process with a loan pre-approved to put them in the best possible position to buy. Some other strategies help Buyers be successful when they find themselves in a seller’s market simply because of the competition. Buyers will want to make sure they make an offer that will jump out to the Seller’s over the others they have received. 


The most important way to stay ahead of the game is to come prepared and ready for anything, especially on the chance to make an offer if a home is found. That is what Curtis Johnson Realty does for their Buyers.

Posted on: Friday 15th of February 2013
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