Retiring to Arizona

It has been estimated that somewhere between 8000 and 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. Pulte homes conducted a study a few years ago that indicated, among other things, that over 40% of 50 year olds intend to relocate when they retire.


In years past, the prime consideration for relocation was climate. Now seniors are adding more weight to cost of living and healthcare when deciding where to retire. Arizona and Florida have fallen from front-runner position for retirement locales. Still, somewhere around 5 to 8 percent are planning to retire to Arizona. What that means for Arizona Senior Real Estate is that if those retirees come to Arizona as couples there will be an influx of about 30000 households per year. (About 3 million turning 65 each year, about 40% of those relocating, assume couples – divide by 2, and assume 5% choosing Arizona.) Some of those are already establishing their households here in Arizona and buying their retirement homes.


These retirees intend to be active in their new communities for many years. They will typically be looking for single level homes, with a walk in shower, energy efficient appliances, brighter lighting, and an open floor plan. That home might be a single family residence, a townhome, condo, patio home, or a mobile/modular home. Some retirees may opt for an apartment style home or a retirement community with an indoor elevator. They will appreciate low maintenance in both home and yard. They are looking for communities that offer a wide range of activities because to them old age begins at 80.


One imperative as noted by Nikki Buckelew is to have a “true passion and appreciation for older adults and their challenges”. I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of all the seniors I encounter.


Posted on: Friday 14th of February 2014
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