Cool Things to Do in Phoenix

The Exquisite Desert Botanical Gardens

In a place like Phoenix, it isn't easy to differentiate the tourist from the residents. Everybody wears shorts and T-shirts, and everyone has a camera in hand. That is just one cool things about Phoenix. How about some more? Here are some great ideas for some of the cool things to do in Phoenix.

Arizona Science Theater 

You can very easily spend a whole afternoon between all of the fun exhibitions, activities and games here. There are interactive experiments you can be a part of and there is even sports fun that is held here on a regular basis. An all-around great place to bring the kids.

Desert Botanical Gardens 

The botanical gardens have steadily turned into a must-see for tourists. It is a beautiful desert with grand landscape and every exotic exhibit is built to withstand the rays of the sun. It is incredibly vast, serene and highly educational. It makes for an excellent trip for the whole family.


The square in the middle of the city, Cosanti is a quirky arts compound for everything Zen. The historic site is titled Paradise Valley and it features a really cool artist studio, a ton of unique and strangely intriguing Solar Wind Bells, and a few eye-opening eco-friendly buildings. The site shows you a great combination of ecology and architecture and the benefits of solar power.

Tovrea Castle 

This is one place you really can’t afford to miss, and it is directly off of loop 22. Surrounded by picturesque whitewashed rocks and aesthetically-pleasing cacti, Tovrea Castle is an enchanting place that was created with heart by an Italian entrepreneur after a well-known meatpacking magnate, Edward Tovrea. You can tour these wonderfully historic buildings and the Carraro Cactus Garden throughout the year.

Mining and Mineral Museum 

By far one of the coolest places in Phoenix, the Mining and Mineral Museum has – you guessed it – a ton of amazing rocks and minerals that have kept tourists coming back for several years. There is the old, rustic mining memorabilia like a defunct giant mining shovel and tyre, a classic Arizona Copper Company locomotive, and, of course, the Swallow Mine Stamp Mill. This is a true gem of a place for anybody and everybody, no matter how old you are.

Phoenix really is a cool place in a hot climate. There are wonderful restaurants, activities and so many other great things to fill your day. Not to mention that you won't find a better group of people than the residents of this fine city. There is surely no doubt that there are plenty of cool things to do in Phoenix and you are gonna love it here!

Posted on: Friday 16th of January 2015
Written by: Curtis Johnson

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