Great Places to Eat in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Places to Eat

Scottsdale, Arizona is a haven for foodies. Many acclaimed chefs have set up shop here and they spend their days creating bold flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. With over six hundred restaurants that serve both regional and international cuisines, you will go pleasantly nuts as you try to figure out where to dine when you go out. You'll find foods that satisfy any craving, and your palate will be introduced to a whole new set of flavours. Below are some of the best places to eat here.

Pane Bianco

Chris Bianco turns water and flour into excellence at his renowned pizzerias. Bianco offers some of the best market special sammies, breads and wood-fired pizzas in the entire country. This restaurant uses flour from the Hayden Flour Mills.

Taco Haus

Mexican food is normally where meat lovers go for spicy, savoury dishes. However, Taco Haus caters to the meat-free crowd. This joint is vegetarian-friendly and it focuses on healthy cooking using local produce, all skillfully done by Chef Payton Curry. The chef also spends lots of time in the McClendon farms and his love for the farms spills over to his dishes. You will enjoy these vegetarian dishes even if you are a hardcore carnivore.


At the 25-seat Virtu restaurant, Chef Gio Osso offers excellent Mediterranean-style cooking. The chef personally makes creamy burrata and there are excellent cocktails to enjoy with it. This is definitely an excellent eatery for those who want meals that have been cooked to perfection.

Cartel Coffee Lab

This restaurant offers single origin coffee. The coffee house weighs and measures every drink to precision. They also have unbelievably knowledgeable baristas who understand the beans that they are offering to their customers.

F & B Bodega

This restaurant has a chef's table in the kitchen and is busiest at brunch. Charleen Badman's F&B is definitely a great draw and the place is always full. The restaurant has excellent eats and also sells a variety of Arizona wines. You absolutely must try out their famous leek gratin which is topped with mozzarella, mustard breadcrumbs and fried eggs.

Posted on: Friday 6th of February 2015
Written by: Curtis Johnson

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