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Jake is a driven individual with The Curtis Johnson Realty Team. A great example of his drive and motivation is how for the past 7 years he ran his own business buying and reselling furniture and other household goods. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

His previous business helped provide him with skills involving negotiations, online sales listings, communication skills, time management, and respect for his clients and their needs.

Being very close with his family helped shape Jake to be very respectable and learn to build strong relationships with others. Jake grew up with a father who oversaw all purchasing, planning, and inventory management for both Honeywell Aerospace and pharmaceuticals with Express Scripts. He has three siblings (Lexie, Max, and Zack), Lexie is currently studying business at the University of Arizona. Max was a manager for McDonalds at just 18 years old. And Zack is currently at Basha elementary. Not to forget that he also has an amazing mother who taught him the respect and consideration to have for other people. He takes all the learnings and experiences of his families success and applies them to his work and his clients.

In addition to being highly motivated in business, he is also quick on his feet, competitive, and drives tirelessly to achieve goals for himself and his clients.

Joining one of the top 50 teams in the nation, The Curtis Johnson Team has unmatched offers for both their buyers and their sellers. As well as being endorsed by Barbara Corcoran from the hit tv show ‘Shark Tank’, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity.


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